Welcome to

Rockin' RB Ranch

The Rockin' RB Ranch started out as a dream for us many years ago.  We both grew up in “suburban” Texas neighborhoods and raised our kids in the city always hoping we would be lucky enough one day to own property in the country. We started our journey about 10 years ago with a small place in New Ulm, Texas, and quickly fell in love with country life. Fast forward to 2019 and the purchase of our little piece of heaven, 85 acres just outside of Brenham, Texas.  We have never looked back!

We are busy raising Texas Longhorn cattle, taking care of a few horses and donkeys and continuing to learn a lot about ranch life.  Our kids are grown and all living busy lives, but they are here often along with our 8 grandsons!  The boys love it out here and can never seem to get enough of bb & paw paw’s ranch.  

We love this great state we live in and are so blessed to be able to take care of the land and livestock here at Rockin' RB Ranch. Our hope is to leave a legacy for our children and grandchildren that they can carry forward to the next generation. 

We hope you enjoy our ranch website and appreciate you stopping by. Please reach out to our Ranch Manager, Meghan Vardman, to inquire about our Longhorns.

Richard and Beth Morris